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The Creative Leader

Who Said Creatives Couldn’t be Bosses?!

If you haven’t heard about Antwain Jackson’s new book, The Creative Leader: Who Said Creatives Couldn’t be Bosses?!, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. Ever since this book hit the worldwide web, it has become a pandemic within itself, but in a good way! In other words, this powerhouse of a book has probably traveled to more countries than you and I combined!

In The Creative Leader, Author Jackson challenges the concept of what a leader is. This is because, according to the author, over the course of time, the definition of a leader has been twisted, misrepresented and marketed in such a way that it causes the average man or woman to think that they can never serve in leadership roles. Consequently, our world is filled with average people who have the potential to forsake mediocrity and become world-changers, but they never actualize this potential. This is because, once again, they have been chained generation after generation to an outdated ideology of what a leader is and what a leader does. Antwain Jackson confronts these beliefs head-on, giving the readers the knowledge and clarity they need to pick up their beds and walk out of the religious, political and cultural bubbles they’ve been living in! While reading this book, you will be able to hear the author’s heart and sense his compassion for people and their purpose

You can also feel his frustration with some of the many cultures and practices that have constricted men and women both inside and outside of the church.

One of my favorite lines in the book is “fail, fail, fail!” While it seems simple, you would have to read what follows to feel the full impact of his words. In short, Mr. Jackson dispels the belief that failure is a bad thing; instead, he sends the fear of failure into flight, helping readers to understand that it is not only okay to fail, but true leaders expect to fail―over and over again. He teaches his readers to run towards their giants, even when they are confident that they can’t win! He also redefines or, better yet, reestablishes and reinforces the roles and responsibilities of a true leader, giving readers both practical advice and examples that they can relate to. But make no mistake about this―there is no other book like this on the market! If you don’t have The Creative Leader: Who Said Creatives Couldn’t be Bosses?!, you need to get your copy TODAY!

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