Tiffany Buckner (CEO/ Founder)

Tiffany Buckner is a woman after God’s own heart. She is the founder of Anointed Fire, a three-dimensional establishment that encompasses a ministry, magazine and a business. She is a ministry brander, a publisher and the author of 42 books and counting. Ms. Buckner is also the founder of Remnant Writers, a professional book writing program for Christian authors who need instruction and accountability to finally push out what God has placed in them.

Ms. Buckner is  passionate about seeing the people of God rise from the ashes of their sin to embrace God’s heart and will for them. A serial survivor, she uses not only her talents, but her story to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Tiffany is also an Elder at Embassy International, under the leadership of Apostle Bryan and Pastor Patrice Meadows.

Tynisha Lewis (Managing Director/Interviewers)

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan as an only child to a single mother, Tynisha grew up in the very urban city of Flint, Michigan, lovingly called “Flint-City” or “Bedrock” and those born there were often called “Flintstones”. She considers herself a rose that grew out of concrete – witnessing firsthand the impact of drug abuse and trafficking on her community and even among family members.

In the midst of the hardness of an urban, primarily African-American city, riddled with drug trafficking and drug abuse during the Crack-Cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, Tynisha had a mother who strongly believed in grasping every opportunity to obtain the best education possible. Her mother’s mantra was based on the belief that learning what “they know and use it against them” was key! Tynisha would often wonder who exactly “they” were? To this day, Tynisha still doesn’t know who “they” are, but she became a strong learner and an avid seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. She developed a need to understand this big world and what is happening around her. As a result, she entered the gifted program at Doyle Ryder Elementary School where her love for learning got its first booster shot. From there, she continued on into Whittier Junior-High School, remaining in the gifted program even with the associated bus ride being an extra 20-minutes across town. High school was the same story. Tynisha continued gifted education, splitting her days between the suburbs attending Central High School and the more urban side of town attending Northwestern High School. This was the catalyst for her ability to identify different perspectives and the potential mindsets behind the various sides of an issue combined with an uncanny ability to identify the “middle ground” of most situations while recognizing the diverse dynamics at play.

This could be the reason Tynisha went on to become a lawyer. Tynisha’s education as a lawyer, combined with an undeniable interest in entrepreneurship, is the basis of her successful career as CEO of Intelligence Learning Systems, LLC – an Georgia-based standardized testing & tutoring service catering to students seeking entry into college, law school, medical school, and business school – focused on educating students on the strategies behind taking standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT.

Tynisha’s hobbies of makeup artistry and photography quickly transitioned into full-blown businesses in 2005 where she became known as Tynisha, The Atlanta Makeup Artist and 1Woman 1 Camera respectively. This is where she was able to meet several celebrities and become familiar with the Atlanta entertainment scene.