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  • Pastor Patrice Meadows (founder of Atlanta Smart Academy)

  • Apostle Kynan Bridges

  • Bishop Tyear McCrary

  • Geoffrey Atkins

  • Prophet John Veal

  • Paula Whittle (founder of Atlanta’s Fashion Week)

  • Anna Dixon of Embassy Worship Center

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Sixteen women in varying cities and states walked into one of the local nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities in their areas. Their goal? To visit elderly residents who rarely received visitors. Their stories will enlighten, humor and inform you! Also co-authored by Alice Buckner, Hidden Wells of Wisdom is a must-have book for anyone who wants to find wisdom in one of its rarely ventured into hiding places.

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Holiday Grief (Mental Health)

Let’s face it. This is not always the most wonderful time of the year. For some, this is a season of intense sorrow, depression, and grief. While for some it may be seasonal depression, for others, it’s what the Bible calls the spirit of heaviness. This heaviness can be brought on by the loss of anything significant. This loss is not limited to natural death. Read more

Rejection (Inner Healing)

Rejection is a game changer in giving and receiving love. How we interrupt or perceive ourselves will determine the engagement we have with people. Ultimately, our self-perception will obstruct our view of the love of Jesus. The love of Jesus is the only lens we should view ourselves through. Read More

Amsterdam! (Travel)

As I step outside of the metro station and look all around me, I see a swarm of bicycles riding past me like an army of bees. Walking a little further along, I need to take care to watch my step, otherwise, I might trip and fall into a body of water. I am not the strongest swimmer, so I need to be extra careful. Where am I you ask? I am in Amsterdam! Read More

How to Dress (Fashion)

If you have noticed, some types of clothing look better on us than others. There is a science to this. Every single item that we wear must complement our bodies in order to look good. A lot of times, we may try to imitate what another person wears without taking our own selves into consideration. More often than not, what we look like in an outfit may look different than others because they may be of a similar weight class, but in the end, it leads to disappointment when it doesn’t look quite the same when we put it on. Read More

Know Your Adversary (Living for Christ)

As servants of the Almighty Yahweh, we know that it is impossible to avoid challenges, trials, and tests. The beauty in navigating these challenges and trials is knowing that we are already assured victory once we trust in our Heavenly Father and walk according to His directives. One of the most important things we must know in our walks is how to stand our ground in the face of trials and keep the faith. In order to do this, we must know and understand our adversary. Read More

A New Thing (Personal Growth)

Over the years, some notable celebrities, athletes and artists have had spiritual experiences. The list includes comedian and TV personality, Steve Harvey, who presented an Introduction to Jesus Christ in a You Tube video; boxer Manny Pacquia, who says he changed when he heard the voice of God speaking to him; and music artist Selena Gomez, who via Twitter has acknowledged her relationship with Jesus. Read More

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