Living for Christ

This segment is for the believer who wants to grow closer to God. You will learn more about the heart and will of God, and learn how to usher in His presence. Here, we will talk about prayer, fasting, forgiving and just about everything underneath the sun! You will grow and you will develop a better understanding of who God is which will help you to better understand who you are!

Single Living

The average believer doesn’t know what it means to be truly single! The average believer doesn’t understand that marriage isn’t just the coming together or two bodies, but it is the uniting of purpose! And it is for this reason that the average believer chases matrimony without the holiness!

In Single Living, you will learn how to be whole and single! You will learn how to maximize your single season, and find wholeness and happiness in a place that most people find loneliness!

Married Life

I think we can all agree that marriage is under attack. The reason for this is, Satan is terrified of the power of two people coming together in unity, especially when those two people are Christian.

In this segment, you will learn from seasoned (married) leaders how to have a healthy, never-ending and productive marriage! You will learn how to navigate through the waters of offense to enjoy marriage the way God intended it to be!

Self Esteem

One of the most effective strategies of the enemy is to lower a man or woman’s self esteem by attacking that person financially, mentally, physically and socially. How does this benefit his kingdom? When you don’t think well of yourself, you’ll discount yourself and make it easier for him (Satan) to use you and you make it easier for him to pair you up with people who don’t value you.

In this segment, you will learn more about God’s heart for you so that you can rise up and become the man or woman who God has designed you to be!