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Prophetic Science: Session 2

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I’m going to go on record and say something that I’m confident I’ll never regret saying, and that is―I don’t think there is a sane soul alive who wouldn’t appreciate the wisdom, revelation and knowledge shared in Prophetic Science 2. I call these two books the twin towers of prophetic and creative ingenuity, but these two structures are established on the Word of God, so they will not and cannot fall! They are sound and multidimensional structures because they are both filled with so much wisdom that it’s like being in a multi-level building, going from the bottom floor up to the 18th floor, only to realize that you haven’t even reached the top yet! This is why the Prophetic Science series can be summed up in one word in all caps: REVELATORY! But what makes these books so potent is the fact that, not only was Apostle Meadows able to pack so much revelation into two books, but he somehow managed to pair revelation up with practical knowledge in such a way that can only be described as supernatural (imagine someone being able to stuff a Nissan Pathfinder into a mini-fridge and somehow close the door; this is the best way I can describe it).

Prophetic Science 2 is a series written for prophets and prophetic types (creatives). Author and Mastermind Bryan Meadows masterfully and creatively describes what it means to be gifted, prophetic and hidden! But this is just the teaser! He goes on to teach his readers about the makeup of a star, and then, he compares each individual to a star in one of its varying stages of development (of course, he details those stages of development). And again, this is still just the beginning of the book! As you continue to read, you’ll feel like you’re in a spaceship, traveling to so many different worlds and time periods, where you’ll meet everyone from biblical characters (both good and bad) to astronauts. And from these worlds, you’ll pick up some of the most eye-opening, mind-boggling truths that you’ve ever laid your eyes on! And if this isn’t enough, the Prophetic Science series is filled with activations that will surely stretch and empower you! And

finally, the Prophetic series would NOT be complete if it didn’t have the engineer, the pioneer and the innovator’s highly-anticipated fingerprints―his diagrams! You’ll learn everything from ascending one of the seven mountains of influence to how to take yourself through deliverance! When I say that these books are brilliantly packed with revelation, I’m not pulling your leg! Find out why everyone is talking about Prophetic Science: Sessions 2.0 and 2.1. Be sure to get your copy, and from the moment you read the first page, I am confident that you will understand why Prophetic Science has become a household name!

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