Honorship in Business Relationships

by Louise Nunga

As I grow in business, wisdom and in my Christian walk, I learn more growth principles. The topic which I am writing about is something I had to grow into. Honestly, I’m still growing into it because it’s not an easy task. As an African, honor is a very important principle in our culture. The definition of honor, according to Merriam-Webster is, “One whose worth brings respect or fame.” I chose this version of the definition because of its simplicity, and it is a definition we all can relate to. In my African culture, the elders are greeted with a bow. People of royalty, military officers and those perceived as high ranking spiritually all receive a standstill as they walk by, or are sometimes not charged at the marketplace. Sounds a bit much, right? Well there’s a principle that produces blessings in it. As an African who has been westernized, I struggle with this because of so much “self-love over everything” culture I live in.

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