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School of the Miraculous by Dr. Kynan Bridges

Everyone’s talking about your new book, “School of the Miraculous.” Tell our readers about the book, and why did you write it?

Dr. Kynan: This book is essentially a manual for the miraculous. If you have ever wanted to know if miracles are for today or how to access and walk in greater manifestation of the supernatural power of God, this is for you.

Signs and wonders follow you wheresoever you go. What would you say has been the most significant sign or miracle you’ve witnessed and how did it influence your writing of School of the Miraculous?

Dr. Kynan: One of the two most prominent miracles I have seen is a woman healed of cancer in 24 hours and a man getting out of a bed of affliction. This is helped me in writing the book, because I not only come from the truths of scripture, but I include my personal experiences in the miraculous.

Every book is written to solve a problem. What problem would you say that School of the Miraculous was written to solve, and how has it impacted readers so far?

Dr. Kynan: This book addresses the problem of powerlessness in the modern church. It is NOT enough to proclaim the gospel; there must be demonstration of the power of the Gospel according to Romans chapter 1. Unfortunately, many have become trapped in the monotony of religion and tradition. Many are even discouraged because what they read about in the Bible is not manifest in their everyday lives. Also, there is NOT a lot of teaching on miracles, this is a how to book that would make a great resource to those seeking to learn more.

What’s your favorite chapter in the book and why?

Dr. Kynan: One of my favorite chapters would have to be Chapter 13: The Supernatural Church. In this chapter I lay a strong biblical foundation as to the true identity of the church. The church is more than a building, it is a Living, breathing, supernatural organism, birth by Christ Himself on the cross. When we as believers learn to embrace God’s true identity as a body of Christ, we will begin to tap into His miraculous power daily.

How do we order School of the Miraculous? Where can we find it?

Dr. Kynan: School of the Supernatural is available everywhere books are sold. But you can get your copy at

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