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Anointed Fire Magazine launched its first issue in October of 2010. At that time, our vision, while it was great, wasn’t necessarily 20/20, meaning, we didn’t see the whole picture of what God wanted to build. Nevertheless, we were blessed with some amazing writers, and we were blessed to feature gospel greats like Preashia Hilliard, Perez Hilton and much more.

We found immediate success in our endeavors, but unfortunately, the magazine became too great for us to manage, so we shut it down with the intention of rebranding and relaunching it after, of course, building a solid team.

In late 2012, we relaunched Anointed Fire once again, however, like before, we weren’t equipped to handle such a big vision with such a small team. So, once again, we shut the magazine down temporarily so that we could hear more from God and build what He wanted us to build versus what we were trying to build.


Our goal is to reach each corner of the Earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also want to provide a platform for voices all around the world that would otherwise go unheard. And finally, we are commissioned by God to speak the uncompromising truth of His Word; yes, even that truth that many nowadays consider offensive and outdated.